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When I go back home now, when I go back to Nigeria now, I get off the plane in Lagos and I just don’t think of race. I get on the plane and arrive in Atlanta, and immediately I’m aware of race.

– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Having deeply reflected on issues that have plagued us as a nation, we discovered that the things we celebrate more are not things that build but those that tear us apart. We fail, largely due to suspicion or unfair sectional prejudice, to celebrate the priceless things that ought to build and empower, excite, and motivate us.

We, therefore, decided to put together this God Bless Nigeria project to help keep our focus on that beautiful page that we truly are.

We are a great nation. Nigeria, indeed, is a blessed country. The time is here to keep our gaze, not on those things that tear us apart but those that bind and build us.

This project is focused on looking at Nigeria and Nigerians who daily strive to achieve enviable milestones, people and places, and celebrate our Nation and togetherness.

We shall transverse the length and breath of the country to help keep our focus aright and tell awesome stories and pictures out of the great country, Nigeria.

Welcome to GodBlessNigeria.Ng! Welcome to NIGERIA, the land of infinite possibilities.

God bless you. Long Live Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria.

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